Technology is evolving at a break neck pace and that has led to mobile phone companies churning out a wide range of models. Today we are witnessing a rise in the number of mobile phones that are lying idle as they have been discarded or have been simply neglected since the user has managed to get hold of an upgraded version of the gadget. But why let it go to waste. Why not sell your mobile phone and get some cash?! Here are a few tips that can help you sell your mobile in Australia if you are wondering how you can do that-

Word of Mouth- This is the oldest and the most effective way of finding a buyer without making any investment. There is always someone who needs a mobile phone. If you ask around then you are bound to find someone to whom you can sell your mobile phone. It is also a great option for the buyer as they will be able to see the phone instead of a picture of it and have a better understanding of the mobile that you are selling.

Pricing- Always know what your phone’s true worth is. There are many who try to sell mobile phones online with an inflated price tag that turns off a potential buyer. Research, talk to sellers and get an idea about what the right price is for the phone you are selling. It will be easier to cash in if you can keep the price at a range that is within the expectation of a buyer

Accessories & Boxing- If you have preserved the original box, the warranty card and the accessories then it will be easier for you to sell your mobile phone. All these additions make your sale a more attractive option for the buyer. Especially with you are selling an iPhone. Given the exclusivity of their products a buyer will be happy to get the entire package from you rather than scavenge for the accessories separately.

Local Retail- It is not always necessary to sell your phone online. You also have the option of selling your phone at a local retail. There are many stores in Australia that accommodate such sales. One such company is The Mobile Guru. You can directly visit their store, have your phone evaluated and sell it right there for the right price. They provide the best deals for a wide range of mobile phones. You can also sell your phone at The Mobile Guru even if it does not belong to a known brand.

Log Out & Clean Up- Always remember to log out from all apps and accounts before you sell your mobile phone. Also remember to delete all the data like pictures, videos and documents from it. By not doing this you could risk leaking your data to a third party or worse the apps could be used to cause some serious financial damage. The best thing to do is to reset the phone to its factory settings and maybe upload a new operating system from the original manufacturer’s site. This will not only protect your data and information but it will also make the phone appear to be less used.

Unlock If Possible- Most people who buy a used phone prefer the ones that are not tied to a service provider as it gives them more freedom to use it the way they fit. So when you sell a mobile online or otherwise try to get it unlocked. You can get this done at a shop like The Mobile Guru or you can refer to some DIY videos. If you have enough knowledge about the phone’s software then it will be easy for you to unlock it. iPhones provide online support for unlocking phones.


Start Selling Today

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