Mobile phone recycling is the latest trend in environment protection that has emerged over the last few years.

Electronic waste accumulation, as a result of millions of mobile phones being dumped, is a growing problem across the world. Almost all mobile phones that are reaching the end of their utility contain valuable and reusable materials. When you recycle your phone,its components can be re-utilised as valuable materials for reuse and repair. This in turn means that fewer raw materials and minerals need to be extracted and processed to make parts for new or existing mobile phones.

But mobile phones and its accessories can’t be recycled in your general waste bins. This is because these electronic components are non-biodegradable. Hence, they should not be disposed off like regular garbage as they contain harmful substances which, if not managed properly, could damage the environment. But the good news is that mobile phones are highly recyclable.

You can re-use your old mobile phone bypassing it on to friends and family who are in need of one.But if the mobile phone is too old and is no longer wanted,or if it has stopped working then it is time to recycle it. One of the best methods to recycle a broken mobile phone is to sell it through a reliable online sales platform like The Mobile Guru.

Through our recycling efforts over 99% of the materials in a mobile phone can be recovered and be reused or be utilised to build new phones and components.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Phone Recycling?

Recycling broken or unwanted mobile phones has many advantages.

Environmental Benefit:

  • Mobile phone recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Studies have proven that recycling 50,000 mobile phones prevents emission of CO2 (carbon dioxide) by up to 19 tonnes.
  • Mobile Phone recycling helps in saving energy. It also helps in protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. Recycling 50,000 mobile phones reduces mining of mineral resourcesby up to 99 tonnes.
  • Through recycling we can protect our environment by preventing the disposal of hazardous materials at vulnerable wastelands.

Supporting Circular Economy

  • A Circular Economy is designed to support the repair; reuse and recycling of products so that the materials that have gone into making them can retain their value and can also be reused.
  • Recycling helps in acquiring reusable material that can be used to repair old or damaged mobile phones

From Trash to Cash

  • You can recycle by selling your old phone to entities that specialise in recycling. The Mobile Guru offers you a platform where you can easily sell your old mobile phone at the best price
  • We accept all brands and types of mobile phones, along with their batteries, chargers and other accessories.
  • We collect mobile phones atfrom various designated drop off points. We also have provide collection via mail

What materials are recovered through Mobile Phone Recycling?

  • Glass from the touch screen
    • Once the glass is acquired from the mobile phone, it is melted, crushed and used to produce new glass products. In some cases the glass is used as a replacement material while repairing of constructing roads.
  • Aluminium from mobile phone casing
    • Aluminium is one of the most recyclable materials that can be extracted from a mobile phone. Aluminium acquired is meltedand is used to make new aluminium products.
  • Gold, Silver and other precious metals
    • A small amount of valuable metals like gold, silver, palladium, platinum and copper can be extracted from a mobile phone. They are usually found on its circuit board. Lithium batteries are processed to recover valuable materials like steel, nickel, cobalt and lithium that can be used to make new batteries.