There are many in Australia who are looking to make a quick buck by selling mobile phones online. There are many platforms where one can do this today without any hassles. If you want to sell your iPhone online in Australia for cash then here are a few tips on how you can do it-

Clean Phone- If you planning to sell a mobile phone online for cash then it is always a good idea to clean it up well. Most people who are always buying and selling phones cover up their device in cases and used a screen guard to keep scratches away. This will automatically improve the value of your used phone as it will hardly show any signs of wear and tear.

Worth of the phone- Always make sure that you are clear about the price tag that you place on the mobile that you are planning sell online. Again it is important to remember that there are many sellers, so try to keep your price competitive enough so that you can attract more buyers.

Pics & Videos- Click some great snaps of the phone that you are planning to sell online. If the platform that you are selling on supports videos then make a quick short video. Remember you want to sell the mobile phone online, so make sure that there are no filters or fancy edits involved. The buyer needs to know exactly what they will be purchasing from you.

Description- When you are selling your phone online always be honest about the information that you give. The phone that you are selling is not unique, there will be many others selling the same model. So there is no point in mentioning a feature that does not exist. Besides at some point the buyer will have a look at your phone if there is a defect they may back off, so it is always wise to appraise them about it.

Social Media Platforms- There sites that help you sell mobiles online for cash. But if you want to do it yourself and avoid processing fees etc. then you can do it all by yourself by advertising the sale on a social media platform. If you are creative enough with your ads and if you are resourceful enough to connect with buyers then you can sell the mobile phone online through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Online Traders- There are many online traders who will buy your mobile for a good price. They provide a safe and secure trading zone for you to sell the mobile online. Even their payment methods are simple. If you are planning to sell your iPhone online in Australia or any other mobile; then you should visit The Mobile Guru at They provide one of the most reliable online mobile phone sales platforms in the country.

Online Exchange- There certain big ticket online markets where you can sell your mobile to get points or rewards that are as good as cash in hand. The only catch is that you will be able to use those points for purchase on that same portal. It is advisable to use these portals only if you intend to purchase something from it post your sale.

Avoid direct Contact- When you sell your mobile online you can do it without coming into direct contact with anyone and you can do it from the safety of your home. At a mobile phone sales portal like The Mobile Guru you can make contactless sale in just three steps. First spot the make and model of the phone on the site, then post your device to the address mentioned and you will receive the money as agreed upon with them within a day or two. And if you think that it sounds too simple then that’s because it actually is.

Cash In Now!

So now that you know all about selling your iPhone or any mobile, online, for cash what are you waiting for? If you are still not convinced then visit The Mobile Guru at For more details you can also call them at 1300362017.