People are creating unnecessary amounts of waste that is in turn hurting us and the planet. One of the items that are being dumped very often these days is mobile phones. Many are choosing to just hold on to them even when they have a new one in possession and in some cases they are disposing phones like normal garbage which is a very poor practice as it harms the environment. But there is a way out. It is highly recommended that you sell your old phones at the earliest. And if you are wondering ‘Why should I sell my iPhone?’ or ‘Why should I sell my old phone?’ then let us give you a few compelling reasons-

Cash- Who doesn’t like to make a little extra cash? Especially with it can be made by selling an old phone. There are many easy ways to sell a mobile phone in Australia today. You can find buyers among your friends or online or you can get in touch with traders like The Mobile Guru Australia who buy old phones at great prices both online and offline.

Sell Phone For Cash Australia

Upgrade- One great way to use your old phone is to sell it for cash so that you can buy a new one with the latest upgrades. It is no secret that mobile phone companies are releasing newer better models of what you already have. So sell your phone to fund the purchase of a new one. With The Mobile Guru you can sell your iPhone in Australia at great prices and purchase the latest model at the very same place.

Recycle- E-waste is creating an environmental hazard like no other and old mobile phones that are being dumped away are a major contributor to it. So recycle your old phone whenever you get the chance. You can do this easily by selling your phone at a portal like The Mobile Guru which recycles old phones, and also pays you well, while protecting the planet.

Depreciation- New models, updates and constant upgrades diminish the value of your existing phone significantly. So it is a wise option to sell your phone online at the earliest so that you can get the maximum price. Many hold on to their phones for years and that leads to a massive drop in their resale value.

Save Repair Costs– Many choose to spend money to repair their old phones. A better option is to sell the old phone for cash. This will help you buy a new and improved model while helping your save on repairs that may not last for a long time.

Clear the Excess- We all have a lot of unwanted and unused items lying around in our homes. In this age of technology there are many gadgets that we have which are well past their function and usage. In many cases mobile phones top that list. But unlike most gadgets it is much easier to sell a mobile phone and make some decent money out of it. So what waste the opportunity to clear out the trash and get some cash?

Get the Best Deal In Australia

Now if you are convinced and are thinking ‘Where can I sell my mobile phone in Australia’ then look no further. Get in touch with The Mobile Guru at 1300362017 and sell your phone at the best price possible. You can also make the sale by registering on You can also visit their store at Level 1, 36 Park Street, South Melbourne Victoria 3205 to sell your phone directly and buy the latest.