Cell phone technology is growing at a revolutionary pace, which leads to the release of new models of smartphones every day. Mobile phone enthusiasts buy the latest smartphone quite frequently, but it does not mean that other people use the same phone for several years. Even they upgrade their handset every two years to explore the new and innovative features of the latest models.

As a result, many old phones find their new place in the drawers or cupboards of homes every year. Though it seems a convenient way to get rid of a used phone on a temporary basis, shoving mobile phones into drawers cannot be beneficial either in short-term or long-term. In the end, people throw their old cell phones in the garbage bins, which is certainly not the best disposal method.

Why you shouldn’t toss your old mobile in the trash?

Every year, a large number of used phones and other electronic items collected from waste are dumped in landfills. A mobile phone has numerous parts and components which are not biodegradable. The metals and other substances found in the mobile phones have toxic chemicals and fire retardants, which if released into the environment, can prove harmful in many ways.
The chemicals from e-waste leak into the surrounding groundwater and air, thereby leading to water pollution and air pollution. People coming into contact with contaminated air and water can develop serious health problems.

So, what should you do with your old phone?

There has been an upward trend in mobile phone recycling in Melbourne and other parts of Australia due to the increasing awareness of environmental issues across the world. Recycling is an incredible way for disposal of old phones whether they are working, damaged or dead. A reputable mobile phone recycling company can offer you a good amount of money for your used cell phone.

If you are wondering “where can I sell my phone?”, then The Mobile Guru is your answer. Using our simple process, you can sell your mobile online from the comfort of your home and receive payment in your PayPal account. We buy old mobile phones of various brands and models in Australia. We repair the phones which are in working condition and resell with one year warranty. We recycle phones which are beyond economic repair in an environmentally responsible method.

How is Mobile Phone Recycling beneficial?

In case you are one of those who think “how does it hurt if my old phone is lying around my house”, then you are committing the same mistake as many other Australians. In today’s time, independent activists, organizations, and government bodies throughout the globe are making efforts to conserve the environment and create a sustainable earth for future generations.

Therefore, you must avoid hoarding mobile phones and throwing them in the garbage, as it poses a risk to the environment. If you sell used phones, you will not only help in protecting the environment but also earn some money. Old phones occupy storage space which can be used for keeping important items in the drawers of your home. Thus, recycling the old phone is extremely beneficial.

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