Everything becomes old with time and your iPhone is no different. When iPhone ages, users think to sell the device before buying the new one. But the first question that comes in their mind is where to and how to sell old iPhone. They also have no idea what to do before selling the phone.

The decision to sell iPhone or mobile phone recycling in Australia!

In the phone selling process, decision-making is very important. Once you have decided to trade in your old mobile phone, it is crucial to decide where to sell your phone as there are many options available like the mobile store, online mobile selling platform or selling it to your friend or colleague. The best place to sell your mobile phone depends upon your decision and convenience. You need to realize what option will suit you more.

The process of selling your used phone can be quite tiring and energy-consuming process if you do not know the proper way. However, there is no right or wrong technique of selling a product or a device, but we have come up with some useful tips to boost up the selling process for your phone.

Useful tips to sell used iPhone or recycle phones in Australia!

  • Preparing your phone before selling!

The appearance of your old iPhone matters the most when you are selling it through a classified ad or online store. No one wants to buy an ugly and dirty mobile phone. You need to check your phone if it has some dirt accumulated on some spots. You should clean it with germ-killer, sanitizer or cleaning spray and use a soft cloth or cotton to wipe the dirt off. But be careful while doing this because an excess of liquid can damage your phone as well. So, handle the cleaning part gently and carefully.

  • Pictures are the best way to attract potential buyers!

This works like magic! The first thing that prospective buyers look for is the pictures of your phone. For clicking the best photographs of your phone, you must have a good camera. If you do not have such a camera with you, you can ask a friend. A mobile camera will also work, but it should be of a high-quality and high megapixel. Don’t take pictures in a shady area. Try to take bright photos where your phone looks the best. Also, don’t forget to check the photo once you uploaded them online.

  • Your negotiation skills will work here!

If you are willing to sell your phone, your negotiation skills will be very helpful to get the price you are looking for. Whenever someone approaches you as a prospective buyer of your old phone, make sure that the buyer is genuine. If possible, meet with the buyer in person to show your phone in real, but meet the person at a public place so that nobody can try to snatch your phone away.

  • Don’t forget to do a factory reset!

The last thing you should do with your phone is clearing the memory. You can do it by a factory reset option on your phone. This might sound easy, but you need to follow some specific steps to avoid any problem in the future.

So, if you have decided for an iPhone to trade-in in Australia, the above-mentioned ideas will be very helpful. The best part about selling your old iPhone is that you will still get something for this and you can use that money to buy a brand new mobile phone for you.