Technology development has no end due to continuous research and development taking place around the world. Early adoption of the new developments is urging people to replace their existing devices and buy the latest ones. Although advanced technology offers better user experience, the responsible disposal of an existing device remains a problem. Many people are not sure of the ways to dispose their electronic devices which results in heaps of e-waste in every household around the world. As a result, e-waste is one of the fastest-growing burdens on many economies across the globe.

Governments of developed countries are facing challenges in managing disposal and/or recycling of e-waste generated in their respective nations. Every year more than 50 million tonnes of e-waste are generated out of which, around 700,000 tonnes are contributed by Australia. On an average, each Australian household generates around 73 kg of e-waste in a year. Australian government is continuously implementing strategies to control and manage the e-waste generation in the country. National Recycling Scheme is one such example of a government initiative that deals with the recycling of computers and television (TV) sets. However, TV and computers do not account for more than 10 to 11% of the total e-waste. Constantly increasing waste is mobile phones and related accessories since technology upgrades are frequent in this sector.

It would motivate and encourage people to dispose-off their unwanted electronic goods if they were to receive something for responsible disposal of the e-waste from the households. This is possible in Australia with many companies offering such mobile recycling services. The Mobile Guru is one of the leading names in mobile phone and other electronics recycling market. The company offers services for selling and recycling of these devices. One can sell iPhones online in Australia with The Mobile Guru. Besides, the company allows its customers to sell phone for cash in Australia. The Mobile Guru offers hassle-free selling of a smartphone of any company or an iPhone for cash. Smartphones of Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Motorolla, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia and many other companies are purchased by the Mobile Guru.

The company offers to purchase products that maybe in a working or a non-working condition. The process is simple where the customer after placing an order of selling his or her used phone, will receive a sachet or an envelope from the company to send the device. The customer has to drop this package containing the phone at the nearest post box. Once the parcel reaches The Mobile Guru, and the device is in the same condition as mentioned by the customer while placing an order, the promised amount will be transferred to the customer’s PayPal account. The presence of fraudulent mobile re-sellers and re-cycling companies is challenging the vendor selection process for the customers. The Mobile Guru is a reliable and trustworthy vendor with the highest customer satisfaction. Moreover, apart from mobile phones the company also purchase Apple iPads and Apple Watches. Want to Sell iPhone online in Australia or sell smartphone in Australia? The Mobile Guru is just a call away!