With the advancement in technology and communication, the generation yearns to stay in touch every second.  With the advent of mobile phones, this has become a cakewalk. Over the years, the mobile phone has progressed from being a mere device for communication to a multifaceted device that has replaced a lot of other gadgets in our life – from the gaming platforms, to the calculator to the calendar to even our shopping destinations. A mobile phone has undergone a lot of changes and revolution to find this place of an indispensable commodity in our lives. What started out as just a single brand or two, the industry has expanded into several brands these days and each of them bring in newer models inculcating the latest technology and features frequently.

People are always on the lookout for what is new in town and upgrading mobile phones is one of the common trends that one can observe. While upgrading phones might seem a great idea as it provides access to the most advanced technology and features, the looming question is what one is to do with the old phones. And, this is where Mobile Guru comes into play. At Mobile Guru, we cater to the re-selling and re-cycling of all brands and models of mobile phones. We cater to all major brands including Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, ITC, Google, Blackberry, Redmi, ZTE, One plus, Huawei and more. Our aim is to make the mobile phone recycling in Australia easy for the cell phone owners.

The process of phone re-selling can be completed in 3 simple steps at Mobile Guru. Remove all the data from the device along with added storage devices such as memory cards. Register you details and device on our site, post or drop off your device with us and you will receive the payment almost instantaneously. We cater to all user interfaces and accept devices bereft of accessories also. Whatever be the condition of your mobile phone, we ensure that we will give you the best possible market price. All through, we see to it that our customers have a hassle-free experience doing business with us.

Mobile Guru is an approved and certified dealer of old mobile phones in Australia. Responsible recycling is our motto and we ensure that the parts from your used mobile phones are efficiently utilized in the manufacture of new devices. We carefully segregate the batteries from the metal, fibre and plastic components of the mobile phones and they are processed and recycled separately. A separate unit is allocated for the segregation of cobalt, lithium and nickel from the batteries. All devices collected are recycled to the highest recyclable standards that ensure minimal e-wastage. Our phone recycling partners lay great emphasis on environmental safety and hence the waste from the recycling process are judiciously and safely disposed without posing a threat to life around. We ensure minimal to nil emission of greenhouse gases and allied tangible and intangible waste. We guarantee the utmost safety of our workforce and they are equipped with all necessary safety gear and paraphernalia.

To sell your smartphone or to recycle phones in Australia, call us on 1300 362 017 or chat with us online through our website.